Focused Private Coaching
Take Your Business To The Next Level of Financial Strength & Value


Our private coaching program is designed for company who would like to have focused training admisitered specifically to their company. Open to multiple members of the same company, our experieced leaders teach and supervise the entire implementation of the program. The private coaching prgram is best for those with companies that have dedicated departments and a hierarchy of delegation.


Our small group coaching is designed for smaller companies that are owner/operator led. The additional component of working with other Business Owner peers (none of which are from the same industry / segment) allows the participant to benefit by hearing experiences and learnings of others as they work to incorporate the teachings for themselves.

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What Our Business Coaching Clients Are Saying

My Banker Told Me We Were In The Top 1% Of Customers!

"We had no idea what a bank was looking for when we attempted to get a loan. Now we have a clear understanding of what banks are looking for if they are going to lend us money. My banker told me we were in the top 1% of customers that come to him wtih the the information we presented. With the help of CEO2CEO, we were able to obtain a loan to open our 3rd location which will double our company's income and allow us to reach our retirement goals."

~ Shawn & Donna Fitzgerald

We Executed on CEO2CEO Concepts and Tripled the Value of Our Company!

"Innovative Business Advisors initially performed a summary valuation of my company. Their valuation and my perceived value of the company varied greatly. While I was initially not happy, I tool to hear many things IBA told me about my financial statement and non-financial things that affect the value of my company, I ultimately executed on the things taught in the CEO2CEO program and in one year we have tripled the value of the company. BAMM!"

~Amy Katsikas

CEO2CEO Helped Us Make Two Decisions That Will Grow Our Net Profit At Least $150,000

"As small business owners, we came from backgrounds that didn't necessarily prepare us for business finance. I knew there was information out there, but to find it in a way that could ... easy to digest and apply was extremely difficult . CE02CEO made suggestions on our financial statements and taught us how to make a budget from realistic numbers. They taught us how bankers think and what they look at, and helped with ratios, gross profit, and how they work together. The result of this is that we've made two financial decisions that will grow our net profit over the next 5 years of at least $150,000 just with astute decisions."

~Stacy Conner

My Business Wouldn't Have Survived the Pandemic

“If it hadn’t been for CEO-2-CEO™ training, my business definitely would not have survived this pandemic.”
~ Marsha Moore, Marcia Moore Design

My Banker Told Me He Wished Everyone Was As Well Prepared as We Were

“Thank god I had been through your training before the COVID thing hit us. My business financial records were in perfect order and I had a relationship with my banker (as I learned through your training). As a result, I was the 1st application my bank processed for aid and we got everything we asked for. My Banker told me he wished everyone was as well prepared as we were.”
~ Private Business Owner