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You are a business owner. And you are much more than that. You are a whole person with all of your challenges and successes and relationships all rolled up into one. You have built a company that is also much more than that. It is the culmination of your blood, sweat, and tears. It is the sum of the people who your company comprises: your employees, your customers, your suppliers, your community, and you.

Now you are engaged in the meaningful work of making yourself and your company the very best possible, or you are contemplating the sale of your company. We realize that there is a lot of thought and emotion that goes into this process as there are numerous reasons why you could be selling your company. We also get that you want to find the right buyer for your company for the sake of your employees and customers. That's why we're here to partner with you on a coaching journey toward discerning all of those many facets of business ownership.

Before we get into the different types of coaching offerings that we have, it is important to define what we are talking about. Coaching, unlike mentoring or consulting, is not about telling you what to do. You inherently have the answers that you seek, so coaching is the process of asking you the right questions to bring this direction to the forefront of your awareness so that you can plot the best plan forward. While we may share best practices that we have come across in our vast experiences in business ownership and with brokerage/coaching clients, our goal is to give you the most buy-in to the right path that most aligns with your best and truest self.


1. One-on-One Executive Coaching
As a business owner, you are constantly discerning multiple possibilities. You are also committed to your own growth and the growth of your individual employees as well as your company as a whole. This is where executive coaching comes in. In this one-on-one engagement with you and/or your employees, we can together develop the blueprint for life and business that best fits your needs. Every company is the compilation of the people that comprise it and focused people make for a strong company.

2. Group/Team Coaching
Often, entire teams are trying to work through challenges or gain mutual buy-in with one another. Group/Team coaching looks at the matters that affect the entire group and develop a course that all can agree with and champion with their own unique talents and skills.

3. Value Increase Coaching
Perhaps you are leaning toward selling your company, but aren't quite ready just yet. Value increase coaching focuses on increasing the valuation of your company so that you can get the right number and the right players when you decide to sell. This can be done many ways:

- A one day deep dive that looks at many facets of your business such as the financials, standard operating procedures, legal/liability, systems, HR, and more. This deep dive is followed up with a comprehensive report with recommended steps forward. It can also be coupled with continued one-on-one or team coaching.

- CEO2CEO (Link header to CEO2CEO website) - a 20 session mastermind group that is conducted virtually where you learn from our experts as well as other business owner peers.

- One-on-One - By sitting down together in person or virtually to look at the above listed facets of your business, we can look at where you are, where you want to be, and how to bridge the two together.

4. Retreats

Day One
Burnout to Bravery, Customized Day One So you are preparing to sell your company and have done all that you can to ensure that you get what you need for the business. But then what? Hopefully you are selling because you are retiring or looking to enter another industry and have planned on this move for a while. There is also a distinct possibility that this isn't the case and there will be much grief and transitional work needed when letting go. What will you do on day one after the sale? Do you have a plan? Many business owners sell their companies and find themselves feeling out of sorts because they have been so focused on the sale and not themselves. This retreat centers around helping you make the right decisions, identifying what you need for yourself, and making the plan to get there.

Burnout to Bravery
Burnout is a very misunderstood phenomenon, but many of us find ourselves there. Most often it is considered as being the same as stress, when in fact it isn't. Perhaps you are feeling burnout, but aren't quite ready to throw in the towel. You want to give it all you have and actually feel alive in the process. One result of burnout is apathy and tunnel vision. When in this state, you as a leader are unable to lead effectively with the passion, passion, drive, and creativity that you need. This retreat will look at the causes of burnout and stress and, together, come up with a plan that alleviates both while leaving you with a renewed feeling of hope, excitement, freshness, and creativity.

Customized Retreats
Do you have a particular theme that you want to focus on with your company or team? Are there common themes that need to be addressed or built upon? We can customize retreats that fit your exact needs and offer them to your team.

5. Trainings
While coaching is not about telling you what to do, sometimes best practices, experience, and guidance are needed to address particular issues. This is where training and workshops come in. We offer trainings both onsite and virtually in most areas including, but not limited to, Conflict Transformation, Mindful Leadership, Healthy Transitions, Team Building, and more. We can also customize trainings based on other topics that you are in need of gaining insights around.

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What Our Business Coaching Clients Are Saying

My Banker Told Me We Were In The Top 1% Of Customers!

"We had no idea what a bank was looking for when we attempted to get a loan. Now we have a clear understanding of what banks are looking for if they are going to lend us money. My banker told me we were in the top 1% of customers that come to him wtih the the information we presented. With the help of CEO2CEO, we were able to obtain a loan to open our 3rd location which will double our company's income and allow us to reach our retirement goals."

~ Shawn & Donna Fitzgerald

We Executed on CEO2CEO Concepts and Tripled the Value of Our Company!

"Innovative Business Advisors initially performed a summary valuation of my company. Their valuation and my perceived value of the company varied greatly. While I was initially not happy, I tool to hear many things IBA told me about my financial statement and non-financial things that affect the value of my company, I ultimately executed on the things taught in the CEO2CEO program and in one year we have tripled the value of the company. BAMM!"

~Amy Katsikas

CEO2CEO Helped Us Make Two Decisions That Will Grow Our Net Profit At Least $150,000

"As small business owners, we came from backgrounds that didn't necessarily prepare us for business finance. I knew there was information out there, but to find it in a way that could ... easy to digest and apply was extremely difficult . CE02CEO made suggestions on our financial statements and taught us how to make a budget from realistic numbers. They taught us how bankers think and what they look at, and helped with ratios, gross profit, and how they work together. The result of this is that we've made two financial decisions that will grow our net profit over the next 5 years of at least $150,000 just with astute decisions."

~Stacy Conner

My Business Wouldn't Have Survived the Pandemic

“If it hadn’t been for CEO-2-CEO™ training, my business definitely would not have survived this pandemic.”
~ Marsha Moore, Marcia Moore Design

My Banker Told Me He Wished Everyone Was As Well Prepared as We Were

“Thank god I had been through your training before the COVID thing hit us. My business financial records were in perfect order and I had a relationship with my banker (as I learned through your training). As a result, I was the 1st application my bank processed for aid and we got everything we asked for. My Banker told me he wished everyone was as well prepared as we were.”
~ Private Business Owner